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Sectional Sofas Suit Any Style

Visit any furniture store in mid-Missouri, and you’re likely to see many displays containing sectional sofas. Many people consider sectionals to be casual family furniture, intended for the family room. For years, they were designed with casual lines and toughness that could stand up to use by children. But that has changed in recent years. Visit that same furniture store in mid-Missouri, and you’re likely to be surprised to find sophisticated and formal options in sectional sofas. You’re sure to find one that suits your decorating style.

Today’s sectional sofas are upholstered in high quality leathers or microfiber fabrics. Durable silks and satins are often brought into play as well, and every furniture store in Jefferson City, MO carries a range of choices. Whatever material is used to cover these sofas, they can be customized to complement anyone’s sense of style. City sophistication or modern sensibility, country comfort or Asian elegance…the sky is the limit when it comes to design style. Visit any furniture store in Jefferson City, MO, and you’ll see that it’s true.

Sectional sofas are available with arms or without. They come with high backs or low. Some feature recliner sections while still others incorporate table tops into their designs. It’s all about function, and the staff at your favorite furniture store in mid-Missouri will happily show you what’s available.

Sectional Sofas Suit Any Style

Of course, one of the best features of sectional sofas is flexibility, and the staff of each furniture store in Jefferson City, MO will gladly show you the features of their stock. Some sofas can be oriented only in the classic L-shape, while others offer other options. A sectional sofa can occupy a continuous space in a room, or it can be separated so that the homeowner can position at various points around the room. Visit any furniture store in Jefferson City, MO, and you’ll see many examples of how sectionals can be used. With chaise or ottoman sections, love seat and chair sections-in addition to the main sofa pieces-sectional sofas offer a wealth of opportunities for room arrangements.

When shopping for a sectional sofa, study the quality of the pieces you will find in each furniture store in mid-Missouri. Discuss the inner workings of the recliner pieces or hinged table tops with store staff. Take a look at the framework if possible. If you plan to separate pieces, ask the sales staff if you can do so in the store. Some sections hook together to prevent them from sliding apart, and the hardware might show when pieces are separated. You’ll want to make sure each section looks as good apart as it does together. The staff of your favorite furniture store in mid-Missouri should happily accommodate your request.

Sofa shopping can be a fun way to spend an afternoon, and any furniture store in Jefferson City, MO will allow you to relax for as long as you like. They understand that you’ll never truly know a sofa-sectional or otherwise-unless you spend a good deal of time sitting on it.


Great Kitchen Designs This Season for Modern Homes and Family

Kitchen is that space in your house that is homely, warm and welcoming; where family gatherings happen along with celebrations and heart-to-heart memories. Who does not cherish the memories of sitting on the kitchen platform watching mummy cook? So, it is imperative that kitchen designs be inspired more by functionality and ergonomics than by aesthetics only. Of course, these days it is possible to get a great looking and completely functional kitchen due to brilliant kitchen designs available.

Great Kitchen Designs This Season for Modern Homes and Family

Let us see some points that we must mull over when we think of remodeling or revamping our kitchen:

1. Decide on the budget: This is the most important step in planning. Today, there is such a range of designs and materials in kitchen designs and in a wide range of budgets that it is impossible to zero in on the choice without knowing your budget. So find out what your pocket can afford and then take it on from there.

2. Decide on the elements: Be clear on what elements you require. Do you have a small or large kitchen? How much storage space do you need and what kind of storage? Do you need an island? If so, how big? What kind of cabinets are you looking for? How much bench space? Do a careful check of all your appliances and the spaces you will need for them? When you are clear about what you want, it is easier to finalize on the kitchen design of your dreams.

3. Keep practicality in mind: Often times, what looks good in a catalog or in someone else’s kitchen may not necessarily suit yours. What are you comfortable with? Do dark colors stress you? Carefully plan the counter space. A kitchen with very little space can become a nightmare while cooking. As much as possible design the shelves in a way that the things you reach out to the most are within easy reach. Don’t go for too many textures. Even if your choices are conventional go by what you like. After all, kitchen is an extremely personal space.

4. Plan for the fridge placement: I know it sounds foolish but really your fridge must be placed in a place where it is within reach and yet does not come in your way especially when opening its door. Your kitchen can become very difficult to work in if the spaces are cramped due to some reasons.

5. Hire a professional: Trust me the few extra dollars are totally worth it for the headache it saves you. A professional can sit with you and design a perfect kitchen based on your needs. There are some really good kitchen designs stores that can help translate your dream kitchen to reality.

So go out there and make the process easier for yourself by following the simple tips given above.

Bathroom Vanity Furniture – Size Matters

Even in today’s Real Estate market the return on investment for a Bathroom remodel ranges between 80 – 90%. The key, of course, is to plan, and choose wisely before purchasing your bathroom components. Bathroom vanity furniture comes in all heights, widths, and shapes. Since the vanity is generally the only piece of furniture that you will purchase for your bathroom, getting it right is crucial. Three things to consider when purchasing a bathroom vanity are; height, width, and style.

Measuring your bathroom is the first step in the planning process for any remodel. This will provide you with a good feel for the location of items such as doors, windows, and electrical outlets. These fixtures are important to consider when allocating space for your bathroom vanity furniture. There needs to be enough space for the bathroom door to swing freely without hitting your newly purchased vanity. Keeping the various electrical outlets open, and available, must also be considered. There can also be restrictions in the local building codes for proper placement of vanities, proximate to electrical outlets. Accidently covering over the only outlets in a bathroom can cause additional functional problems. The proximity to other components; tub, toilet, and shower needs to be considered as well. You always want to leave enough space between each fixture to allow for easy cleaning, and for a larger individual to be comfortable in the room.

Bathroom Vanity Furniture - Size Matters

There are not specific standards for the height of a bathroom vanity. However taking the time to consider who the primary users of the bathroom will be, is helpful in selecting the correct height. If the bathroom is to be used by family members, and guests, choosing the more conventional 32 to 34 inch cabinet is sensible. Remember, cabinets that are taller than standard will be difficult for a child to manage, and anything lower than standard will be uncomfortable for most adults. Today’s trend in bathrooms is to have taller bathroom vanity furniture, more similar in height to those cabinets that are found in any kitchen. However, it is your bathroom, so making it work for your specific needs, while incorporating your desired style elements, is really the most important factor.

The width of the vanity is critical. The first consideration is how wide can it be, and still fit through the bathroom door. Many bathroom vanities come pre-constructed; however, there are also expandable or collapsible vanities available. Their design allows them to be installed in any bathroom regardless of the restrictions imposed by a narrow bathroom door. The vanity door swing, and drawer size also need to be considered. A vanity door that is too wide can result in restricted space, and limited human movement. It is important to remember that there needs to be enough room for the bathroom door to open comfortably without damaging your new furniture. Door dings are unpleasant, and will happen if the space it too tight. In addition a too tight fit can create a safety hazard, that with proper planning, can be avoided.

Cabinet style is also critical. Style sets the overall tone for your bathroom design. Keep in mind that a vanity cabinet that is too large or too tall will make your bathroom feel small, and cramped, however, a vanity that is too small for the space will just look lost, and out-of-place. If choosing a vessel sink, the top of the cabinet needs to be lower than standard in order to allow for the height of the sink bowl to be comfortably accessed. The use of a vessel sink however, does allow for more drawers, and under cabinet storage space. A standard recessed sink limits this available space.

As the bathroom is the room that gets used by everyone, multiple times a day, design flaws will be noticed quickly, and could be costly to remediate. So right size your vanity choice. Figuring out what size bathroom vanity furniture will best fit the space that is available is a good place to start and will go a long way in regard to your overall satisfaction when you are finished with remodeling your bathroom.

Painted Kitchen Cabinets – Enjoy The Contemporary Beauty of Painted Cabinets

Painted kitchen cabinets give any kitchen a sleek and contemporary feel. Cabinets that are painted also are durable and easy to maintain. They can be purchased already painted, or you can do it yourself. If new cabinets are out of your price range, a great and inexpensive way to transform your kitchen is by painting the cabinets you already have.

Cabinets take up majority of the wall in a kitchen which is why they can be an instant make-over to the look and style of any kitchen. It is simple as lighting up darker cabinets or using bold colors to brighten them. Not all kitchen cabinets will be good with paints, though. Paint does not adhere well to laminate and melamine cabinets. Paints that are recommended for kitchen cabinets are usually either high-gloss or semi-gloss. Semi-gloss often can provide a richer finish.

Painted cabinets can be done in a short amount of time. If your kitchen is modern, perhaps a black color would fit perfectly. If you are looking for a warm and inviting kitchen bright colors such as yellow would be an option. Don’t forget stripes. Cabinets can have more than one color. If your kitchen is bright to begin with, adding painted cabinets with a few colors on each will add more spice.


There are different types of effects that you can do yourself or buy already done.

If you want an old fashioned looking kitchen, the crackle effect would look amazing on the cabinets. Splattering paint that is lighter or darker than the rest of the cabinet color would be an easy task and add another feeling to the kitchen. Another easy effect is distressing the wood. This will make the wood have dents and cracks to give the feeling of older cabinets. You can always make your own technique to add new life to your kitchen.

Once the cabinets are painted, you may want to go even further and add stencil designs. Stencils come in many varieties and can be found perfect for your kitchen. It is fairly simple to do. You can choose form thousands of stencils to find one that will match your kitchen. Not everyone is an artist, so sometimes a little mistake might happen while stenciling. That is fine because it adds a personal touch to your kitchen. This would make a great project on a rainy day.

Instead of spending thousands of dollars to get brand new cabinets for your kitchen, consider painting them. It is the most affordable option. You can choose from a wide variety of colors and effects to add new life to the room. Painted kitchen cabinets are a quick and amazing makeover for the kitchen, but it does not stop there. Painted cabinets would update your other rooms also.


Bamboo Bathroom Vanities

Bamboo bathroom vanities improve the style and beauty of bathrooms. A bamboo bathroom vanity serves as the focal point in a bathroom and is in great demand when people remodel or decorate bathrooms. Bamboo bathroom vanities are remarkable in their variety, with significant variations in construction, designing, and finishing.

Bamboo Bathroom Vanities

Bamboo bathroom vanities feature a sink, vanity top, and cabinets. Some vanities have glass vessel sinks and others have bronze platinum sinks. The vanity top comes in black tempered glass, limestone, or marble. There are bath and tier corner shelves in bamboo vanities. Bathroom vanity cabinets are available in widths of eighteen inches to forty-eight inches and in increments of six inches. The cabinets are fashioned out of walnut, oak, maple, or cherry wood. Bamboo bathroom vanities are available with or without mirrors. Some of the vanities are finished with polyurethane, which effectively withstands water and moisture in bathroom settings. Tropical and island varieties are popular brands of bamboo vanities. Handcrafted bathroom vanities with bamboo finishes and antique vanities can be selected. The choice of bamboo vanities depends on individual tastes and functionality.

Bamboo bathroom vanities are ideal as decorative and functional furniture. Regarding utility value, these vanities have generous storage space for toiletries and other products, including countertop accessories, linen and waste bins, soap dishes, toothbrush holders, hooks, tissue holders, and shower curtains. Some models have matching medicine cabinets to store medicines.

Bamboo bathroom vanities are first-rate in strength and beauty and can be purchased at affordable rates. Bamboo bathroom vanities still remain popular amidst a variety of choice bathroom furniture.

Bathroom Lighting Sconces

Bathroom lighting sconces are a newfangled idea on interior illumination that comes from an old idea. In old outhouses, there used to be a shelf where people could stick a tallow candle for their nocturnal trips. This was necessary to keep the wildlife out of the outhouse while the occupant was, well, occupied. Now this practical lighting method has made it to the 21st century, and there is a lot to be excited about, although with the newer plumbing technology, there is not much reason to still carry a large stick with you to the bathroom to root out the critters anymore.

Bathroom sconces come in a staggering variety of styles, sizes, and types. Nearly every lighting style can be used in a bathroom situation, and wall sconces represent the cutting edge of bathroom illumination. If you wish, you can set your bathroom lighting scheme to an English tavern, or an Old World inn, or go modern with chrome and metal finishes, or even Victorian with lots of white and crystal fixtures. The key to sconces is to find an illumination set that suits the rest of the dcor of your home, while providing lighting to the three key areas of the bathroom.

Bathroom Lighting Sconces

First of all, the vanity mirror will need lighting. What you have right now is probably the disco row of lights over the mirror, which was great back when your parents were growing up and makeup was applied with a trowel instead of a delicate brush. If there are no more leisure suits in your closet, then it is time to upgrade your fixtures over the mirror, and sconces do this perfectly. It is a different look, a sedate upgrade to what used to be the ‘in’ style of lighting a bathroom. Unfortunately, building contractors still prefer sticking the disco bar over the mirror because they are cheap and easy to install. As a responsible homeowner, you have probably already noticed this, and fortunately for you, bathroom lighting sconces make switching out this particular bathroom horror easy and fun.

Wall sconces also work great in the toilet area, as there is no burning need for overhead lighting in this part of the bathroom. Since most of the actual work is done in a sitting position, a wall sconce provides the proper illumination at the right height for the task at hand. If you do not need an overhead light, don’t use one. This saves money, and adds style to the single most overlooked room in the house.

In the shower setting, there needs to be an area of discretion. Water and light fixtures do not mix well, as a rule, so it is best to illuminate outside the shower pan. Sconces can do this with ease-and a well-placed wall sconce can illuminate both the toilet and shower areas. By diffusing your light throughout the bathroom, you can use smaller wattage bulbs and save electricity. You can also use a rheostat to control the lighting levels to each sconce as needed-there is no need to light up the mirror if you are just running in for a minute. Bathroom lighting sconces give you the options and style you are looking for.

Simple and Easy Living Room Decorating Ideas

There are so many living room decorating ideas, from glamorous to elegant to country chic. Most decorators will tell you, though, that perfecting the basics is the best way to design and decorate a beautiful living room.

The basics of living room decorating ideas are simple: wall covering, floor covering and furnishings. In these three areas, you want to keep things neutral and comfortable so they will be long-lasting and always in style. Get trendy in other areas of the room, like storage and lighting – basically, with things that won’t be too expensive to replace when you get tired of them.

Once the walls, floors and furniture are set, the real creative fun begins. Now it’s time to add those special touches that make a room your own. There are a wide variety of living room decorating ideas that can be used to turn a blank canvas into the cozy living room of your dreams. Here we will cover a few simple and easy ways to enhance your living room decor using lighting, color and storage.


Lighting is often overlooked as a decorating tool, because it is also functional. Items that have a function and can enhance a room’s decor are the most valuable decorations, since they serve a dual purpose. The lights set a room’s ambiance, so a living room should be relaxing and not too bright. If the room is large, don’t shy away from large lamps to make a bold style statement. On the other hand, don’t use something too big in a small living room. Always try to create a balance when decorating and keep things pleasing to the eye.

Don’t forget to add color. That doesn’t mean bringing in a bright green couch. Keep the couch neutral, and get some brightly colored throw pillows and blankets for a punch of color. Flowers also introduce a nice touch of color, and lightly scented fresh flowers can really add life to a living room. Silk flowers are fine as long as they are attractive and not overdone.

Wall coverings like paintings or photographs bring both color and personality into a room. This is wonderful way to express your style and make the room feel complete and put together. If you have a large painting or photograph, think about using it as the focal point of the room. Draw the colors out and use them in other areas of the room to bring everything together and make the entire room look like one cohesive art piece.

Every room also needs storage, and this is one of the best ways to enhance the decor and highlight a decorative theme. Baskets and bins can easily be painted to match the room, and used to store anything from blankets to pillows to newspapers to DVDs. Be creative and step out of the box every now and then. This is the best way to make your decoration a true reflection of you.

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6 Romantic Bathroom Ideas

Valentine’s Day may have already passed, but that doesn’t have to mean you can’t still keep the romance alive by treating your partner – you can show your loved one that you care by making some simple thoughtful changes in your bathroom.

Traditionally in films, we have seen large romantic gestures where people are given huge bubble baths to indulge in, laced with rose petals and surrounded by candles. It is not too hard to recreate this look:

6 Romantic Bathroom Ideas

1. Tidy up. This may sound obvious, but have a tidy up. Get rid of clutter and old towels. If you need to, invest in extra storage units for your bathroom. If you are thinking of buying a new bathroom, you can get some great space saving units that look great in any sized bathroom.

2. If you have time, give it a repaint. Giving your bathroom a repaint can dramatically improve the look of the room and make it even nicer for your loved one to spend time in. Also, make sure you give the tiles a clean and re-grout if necessary. Small changes can make a big difference.

3. Bubble bath. The more, the better. Create a gorgeous bath with lots of lovely smelling bubbles and invite your partner to relax in it.

4. Scented candles. Scented candles can be highly indulging and pretty. You can also buy some that have the sound effect of “crackling fires” to add a really romantic feel. Make sure you always supervise the candles.

5. Rose petals. You can buy packs of rose petals to place on the floor – or perhaps you can leave a trail of them across the landing leading your loved one to the bathroom.

6. Music. You can have stereos installed in your bathroom or you can bring your own in and play a romantic CD. Play your partner’s favourite songs or album. They will be all too happy with your thoughtful gesture and what a great way to spend time together or pamper your loved one without spending lots of money!

If you follow these simple tips then you can be rest assured that the romance will be kept alive and well in your relationship. The bathroom is a room of relaxation and by relaxing your partner you will ensure their happiness, something which is integral in a relationship between two people.

This is just one small task that can be done, there are still however many different ways to show love and affection, the bathroom would be a great place to start.

Should I Consider Platform Beds?

Platform beds are a great alternative to the traditional bed frames that many people have problems with. As far as comfortable beds go, these are quite an improvement over the traditional rails and box spring mattresses that are used in so many households. Many of the beds have an Asian flair that the bedroom furniture reflects. But more important is how the bed actually feels when you are resting upon it. If you are not familiar with how a platform one works, then read on.

The structure of a platform bed is like a wooden box, usually made of hardwood or plywood. You can also find them in metal. Some have the similar look of a traditional bed, yet the mattress rests on a solid platform. You will not have to worry about sleeping on a mattress plus a box spring.

Should I Consider Platform Beds?

The box spring can be quite uncomfortable on the back but with a platform bed you will be resting on just the mattress. There are some pros and cons to owning oned; one being that you will have a modern bedroom suite. It is also close enough to the ground that you do not have to use a step ladder to climb up on the bed if you are diminutive in stature.

The cons of using a platform one are that it is pretty low to the ground and you will not have the storage capacity that most beds offer beneath. If you have trouble bending your knees or lowering yourself, then this is not the one for you. One thing you should keep in mind is that a platform one is not like the wooden or metal frames for futons. Those have spaces beneath the mattress, whereas the platform bed does not.

Many people compare the platform one to that of air beds. It is true in one sense. You will not have the hard wooden box springs beneath your mattress. This may give you the support you need without worrying about pressure points coming from the slats beneath your mattress.

Bedroom collections that offer platform beds are becoming the “in” style of the bedding world. Go ahead and splurge and buy the entire collection. Your bedroom will thank you when it becomes stylish and comfortable. If you are interested in having a platform bed and want to purchase one online, then you can visit Platform Beds website for more information. Get the style that you want in your bedroom.


Modern Furniture For Your Office – Basic Characteristics of These Products

Homeowners have always looked forward to purchasing modern furniture that will construe with their respective house designs. Aside from the home though, you may use these pieces to renovate your office as well. This will add a sleeker look to your office and will surely attract more patrons to come and visit you for your products and services. Modern furniture may spell a lot of difference for your work area.

Redesigning your office in modern furniture need not be expensive. From an old item, you may reconstruct a piece that will look more updated and innovative for the end user. Whilst you may spend time working on these items on your own, you will feel happy seeing the end result. But of course, you may also order items offered by online and offline venues.

How will you know you are getting modern furniture for your office?

Just like in home decorating, modern office furniture should blend well with the rest of the furnishings in your work place. But before you go to that, know the characteristics of these furniture pieces as well. By doing so, it will be easier for you to make a purchase of these items later on.

Modern Furniture For Your Office – Basic Characteristics of These Products

1. Professional. Professionalism of modern office furniture is seen in its efficiency as a marketing tool and its energy to provide you motivation whilst you work. This means that if you intend to buy such pieces for your office, you should see to it that it will bring out the best in you at the same time bring a smile to your client’s faces.

2. Exciting. Whilst modern furniture for the office is said to be professional, it should neither be strict nor boring. With the different whimsical shapes you get and the various vibrant colours attached to the package, you will see how exciting the outcome will be as you redecorate your workplace.

3. Stylish and functional. Putting these two characteristics together will justify the look in your modern office furniture. The stylishness of the material adds to the visual appeal of your office whilst its functionality makes your area look more competent over your peers.

4. Clean. The modern furniture for your office is clean thus creating a polished look. This adds more to the professionalism of the end product. The cleanliness becomes one of the main attractions for your clients and it will also encourage you to look forward to going to work each day.

5. Holistic. As mentioned earlier, modern office furniture should be purchased for the whole office. The look it creates should not affect the whole area drastically. The change should be accepted by all workers in the office.
Your modern furniture for the office should accentuate the look of your office. You should be motivated the mere fact that company owners are thinking of remodelling the entire workplace with the aid of these pieces. Once you are said to take charge of these items, you should care for them the way you do for your belongings. This is your licence to have your modern furniture last in your office for the longest possible time.


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